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KICIS Conference 2018

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작성자 ARS Lab. 댓글 0건 조회 345회 작성일 18-12-18 17:09


[Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences 2018]

Date : Dec. 2018.

Location : Gyeongsang National University


1. Interference Effect Analysis on a UHF RFID with Tag Interference Rejection Performance by Ji-Hong Kim, Dong-Geun Seo, Seong-Hyeop Ahn, Chang-Hyun Jeong, Jeong-Soo Park, and Wang-Sang Lee

2. 3x2 Beamforming Network for Wide Elevation Angle at UAV Application by Dong-Geun Seo, Ji-Hong Kim, and Wang-Sang Lee

3. Study of Improved Heating Uniformity of a 2.45GHz Microwave Dryer with a Multi-Slot Waveguide by Seong-Hyeop Ahn, Chang-Hyun Jeong, Dae-Hyeon Han, Ha-Cheol Kim, and Wang-Sang Lee

4. Analysis of Electromagnetic Interference in the Vehicle By High Power Electromagnetic Pulse by Chang-Hyun Jeong and Wang-Sang Lee

5. Remote Inventory Management System Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle by Jeong-Soo Park, Seong-Hyeop Ahn, and Wang-Sang Lee


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