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6 Uniform Microwave Heating System Design and Evaluation With an Orthogonally Slot-Loaded Array Waveguide Seong-Hyeop Ahn and Wang-Sang Lee Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, IF (0.933), 2020  [SCIE, Accepted]
5 Lightweight Printed Dipole Antenna Array with 3×2 Beamforming Network for Wide UAV Communication Coverage Dong-Gune Seo, Jeong-Soo Park, Gun-Ki Lee, and Wang-sang Lee Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology (JEET), IF (0.715), May, 2020  [SCIE, Accepted]
4 A Multiply Parasitic-Coupled, Three-Dimensional Antenna Array with Wide Elevation Angle for Seamless UAV Communications Dong-Geun Seo and Wang-Sang Lee ACES Journal, Vol. 35, No. 4, pp 461-465, IF (0.584), Apr, 2020  [SCIE, Accepted]
3 Kilowatt-Level Power-Controlled Microwave Dryer with Multiple Slotted Waveguides for Improving Heating Uniformity Seong-Hyeop Ahn, Chang-Hyun Jeong, Dong-Min Lim, and Wang-Sang Lee IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, IF (3.756), Feb., 2020  [SCIE] LINK
2 A Wideband, Quasi-Isotropic, Kilometer-Range FM Energy Harvester for Perpetual IoT Eui Min Jung, Yepu Cui, Tong-Hong Lin, Xuanke He, Aline Eid, Jimmy G.D. Hester, Gregory D. Abowd, Thad E. Starner, Wang-Sang Lee, and Manos M. Tentzeris IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, Vol. 30, No.2, pp. 201-204, IF (2.374), Feb., 2020.  [SCIE] LINK
1 Compact dual-polarized meandered dipole antenna with LC-balun integrated CPW-G feeding lines for UHF RFID applications Dong-Geun Seo and Wang-Sang Lee. Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol. 62, pp.1380-1385., IF (0.933), Mar., 2020.  [SCIE] LINK
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