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Rotated stacked Yagi antenna with circular polarization for IoT application

 This letter proposes a rotated stacked Yagi antenna with high directivity and circular polarization. The proposed antenna consists of three elements with a rotation angle and different lengths: a director, a reflector, and a driven element connected to the coaxial feeder. Each stacked element with different lengths is equally rotated at an angle of 60° with respect to the lower element so that the dipole array antenna forms a high directive circular polarization.

[Antenna Specification]

Operating Frequency : 2.45 GHz

10-dB BW : 6.3%

A.R. BW : 7.9%

Peak gain : 4.3 dBi

Polarization : circular polarization

Electrical size : 0.49"λ" _0×0.49"λ" _0×0.17"λ" _0

Usage : IoT application